5 Reasons to Issue Park Bond 2008 Now in 2014

Please fund Park BondThe $40 million Park Bond 2008 was overwhelmingly approved by voters, yet the Board of Commissioners has not issued the Bond to purchase any park property. To fund this Bond, only .1 millage is required, or about $9 a year on the average home. In 2011, the Board of Commissioners approved .11 millage as a preventative measure against the economy. Providentially, since the economy improved, the Debt Service Fund now has the perfect amount to cover Park Bond 2008 without raising taxes.  However, the new Braves Stadium bond plans to take the entire .33 millage from the Debt Service Fund before paying for the 2008 Park Bond. Therefore, we request that the Park Bond 2008 be issued before this, and here are 5 reasons why.

  1. Voters approved this Park Bond in 2008 and have the right to petition the County to use those funds, especially before the County re-appropriates those funds for any other purpose.
  1. Property values only get higher, and the sooner the $40 million from the 2008 Park Bond is spent, the more value Cobb County residents will get for their money they approved in the 2008 referendum.
  1. Developers are purchasing and building properties at an alarming rate, leaving very little ideal land left to be saved.
  1. $40 million is such as a small amount but what it gives back to people is priceless: a place to enjoy nature with friends and family.
  1. Passed in 2006, the Park Bond has been allowed to languish for 8 years and counting. This is too long to wait for a voter-approved, easily funded referendum.


We are asking that Park Bond 2008 be issued as soon as possible, before re-purposing the bond for any other project, such as the Braves stadium financing. ChattahoocheePlease support this endeavor by sending a quick email to the Board of Commissioners, asking them to use the Park Bond 2008 for parks.

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